Jambase’s 2012 Catskill Chill Festival Review

Words by: Jeanne Bettencourt | Images by: Vernon Webb and Nicholas Fitanides

“Camp Minglewood served weathered festival attendees and music enthusiasts well at the third annual Catskill Chill Music Festival in Hancock, NY this past September 7–9. The picturesque campgrounds (also the set for films Dirty Dancing and Jason) was aside a gorgeous lake and tucked away in the mountains in southern New York, providing an excellent backdrop to enjoy one last summer party. And what a party it was – it was evident that 99% of those in attendance were seasoned vets in the party business, and the size and exclusive feeling the festival radiated were only a few of its wonderful qualities. The best part about the size of the festival is that the event reached capacity this year (doubling in size each year since 2010) so the festival cannot get any bigger next year.”

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