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    Hello all!

    I just wanted to thank EVERYONE that I’ve met over the weekend for the BEST festival atmosphere I’ve ever been to in over 6 years! I showed up with my boy Seth (a new festie go’er) and some instruments from Becker Guitars for Twiddle/Conspirator and was shown NOTHING but love and kindness the entire stay. We were welcomed with open arms to camp near Frannie (if anyone knows her personally, please send my sincere thanks!) and other production/staff/founders of the show and enjoyed delicious treats and fun the entire weekend. Drum circles, ironing boards (wtf?!), shotskis, alligators, mimosas and bloody mary’s – you are all wonderful people!! I’ll bring the iron on a stick next year.
    I hope to stay in contact with you all, and hope to find you at other shows throughout the year!! Please stay in touch, and I WILL see you all next year, I already can’t wait!! =D

    love to all –
    Ashley 🙂


    callicoon cowboy

    co-signed. this really changed my life. Its hard to put into words so I’ll keep it as a less is more type of thing. LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!

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