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    Real Sociedad

    Hi there!

    First time Chiller, can’t say how excited I am!!!

    I have been to a few other camping festivals before, but they are all Car Camping ones (Bisco, Electric Forest, etc). I am meeting a few friends once I get down there, but at past festivals, we would try to meet up outside and drive in together.

    It sounds like the camping here is a little more lax, and there might be more space. Is it okay to get there early and “stake my ground”, or do you need to have your full party to make camp together?

    Any insight is much appreciated. Looking forward to some good music, great people, and an awesome weekend!

    – Greg


    callicoon cowboy

    I’d say the further away from the stage area/vendor village you are, the better your chances of being able to do that become. There will be the typical Friday rush, but if you find an obscure spot to camp (there are many here) you will probably have more than enough space for everyone in your crew. If you get a chance to, speak with Laurence about where the best spot to suit your needs may be. He is the Camping Coordinator.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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