1.) When can we arrive? When do we have to leave?

The parking lot and campground will open at 9:00 a.m. on Friday and will close at 1:00 p.m. on Monday. Reentry with your wristband is permitted throughout the festival weekend.  The concerts will begin Friday afternoon and will end in the wee hours of Sunday night (technically Monday morning).

2.) Where are the closest airports to the venue?

The two closest airports are Binghamton, NY and Scranton, PA. Additionally, all of the New York Metro airports are about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away.

3.) Are there any hotels close by?

Yes, the nearest hotels are in Hancock, NY, approximately 20 – minutes drive from the site.  New Minglewood does however offer on site cabins, with hot showers.  See the cabin rental link for more information.

4.) Will you be selling tickets at the gate?

If tickets are still available, they will be on sale at gate price, the weekend of the festival. Space is limited in the RV section and we recommend purchasing an RV pass in advance to ensure a space. Please check the website for availability, before heading to the festival, if you have not pre-purchased a ticket.

5.) Will there be car camping?

NO there will be no car camping.  The parking areas are not that far of a walk from the venue. Be prepared to carry or wheel your weekend gear!

6.) Will I be able to walk to my car 24 hours a day?

Yes, the parking lot will be accessible 24 hours.

7.) What sort of on-site services will be available?

There will be port-a-johns, ice for sale, food, crafts, trash & recycle centers, and some surplus items for sale in the campground. ATM’s will be available.

8.) Can we bring pets?

No pets are allowed at this event. Please be aware that we do enforce this, and that your tickets will not be refunded if you are turned away because you have a pet with you. Please make all preparations necessary to have your pet cared for before you arrive.  Most of us festival organizers are pet lovers who have dogs, and we will not be bringing ours, and ask that you please do not bring yours.

9.) Are there any specific rules we should be aware of regarding the campgrounds?

No weapons, no ground fires, no generators, no violence, no stealing, no vending or selling anything legal or illegal without a permit.

10.) What sort of security will be on hand at the campground?

There will be festival-friendly security throughout the entire festival.

11.) What am I allowed to bring into the concert grounds?

Blankets, lawn chairs, hoops and one sealed water container.

12.) What am I not allowed to bring into the concert grounds?

No coolers, kites, video cameras, umbrellas, or alcohol will be permitted in the concert grounds.

13.) Can we take pictures in the concert grounds?

Yes, photography is allowed, but video and audio recording is prohibited.

14.) Will you be providing trash services?

We will have a professional garbage team helping our green team for this event. They will be handing out trash and recycling bags to all campers, and will have trash and recycling centers throughout the camping and concert grounds. We cannot stress enough how important it is to help keep the scene clean. Please do your part to put your own trash in bags and pocket all your cigarette butts.

15.) What sort of security presence should I expect in the concert grounds?

There will be security on all entrances, in the camping and concert grounds, and on stage.

16.) Can I bring my bicycle, motorbike or ATV?

No off-road vehicles or bicycles of any kind will be permitted.

17.) Will there be an ATM?

Yes, there will be ATMs in the concert grounds and at the main box office.

18.) I am a band’s guest and should be on the guest list. When can I arrive?

First, contact your band and make sure you are on the guest list, as you must pay for ticket if you are not. You will need to inquire where to officially check in. You can arrive when the gates open 9:00 am Friday.

19.) Can I arrive on Thursday?

No. Sorry, we are not ready for you until Friday at 9:00am!  We cant wait to see you then!