The Big Takeover is a unique concoction of backgrounds and spirits that perfectly creates a version of reggae that is fresh and vivid. With Jamaican born and raised NeeNee Rushie as a captivating and memorable front woman, this movement complete with a playful horn section, pulsating bass and drums, and a hypnotizing rhythm section fills its audience’s hearts with good vibes and solid joy.

This New York based band was formed in 2008, and since then has played over 500 shows in cities all over the east coast. They have released two full length studio albums, and anticipate a third by the new year. They also have the pleasure of calling true reggae royalties such as The Wailers, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Yellow Man, Taurrus Riley, Inner Circle, and Sister Nancy their stage mates.


Rob Kissner – Bass
Chas Montrose – Saxophone
Nee Nee Rushie – Lead Vocals
Andrew Vogt – Trombone
Hector Becerra – Drums
Lora Cohan – keyboard
Jose Lopez – Guitar


Tale Of My Life (LP) February 2011
Untitled (EP) June 2009
Following Too Close (LP) July 2008
Feelin’ Kinda Funky Feelin’ Kinda Fine (EP) June 2008