The guitar-driven grooves and powerhouse rhythm section of Leroy Justice recall the majestic Led Zeppelin – but it is in their dynamic live performance that this band truly comes to life. “We let the music go where it takes us,” says lead singer and songwriter Jason Gallagher.

Gallagher’s soulful songs speak to both the mind and heart, and he delivers with brutal honesty. The band takes his cue and performs with a camaraderie and expressiveness that goes unmatched.

The result is a living, breathing soundscape, surging and shrinking between song and sprawling jam, leaving everyone in the room, including the band, unsure of where things will go. “We have a strong connection,” says Gallagher, “where we can play off each other, listen to each other and know where we’re going without talking about it. It creates an intense emotional situation.”

This year, Leroy Justice will release “Above The Weather” on the Elm City Music label with distribution through EMI/Universal.