HIGHER ORGANIX is a power trio hailing from The Shire (Berkshire County, MA). Formed in late 2005, the three boys were a product of the musical community that thrives in the Berkshires, but is hard pressed to find a local outlet.  Due to the lack of legitimate venues in their area, Higher Organix began to throw their own shows, never over-looking key elements of production.  These shows included Shirefest 2007, OTT in the Shire (St. Patties ’09), Lost Night in Shangri-La, Let it Roll, and  The Big Up festival.

Higher Organix does not plan their sets. They completely improvise, sometimes retouching on old themes, or quoting some of their favorite songs in a Dj esque manner. There are no songs, there is no set-list.  It will be different every time. The interaction with the crowd and setting, and how that steers the sound of the set is the key ingredient of a Higher Organix show that maintains the mystique that surrounds the band.   They play an undefinable style that mixes dance rhythms, and electronic experimentation with a  psychedelic jam-rock sensibility, and a willingness to take it to new places every time.

Higher Organix’ repertoire includes anything from house, dub, funk, rock, breaks, DnB, ambient, and everywhere in between, No matter what, you have to see it to believe it. Having already shared the stage with OTT, Big Gigantic, Sub Swara, Brothers Past, Emancipator, ESKMO, Bluetech, Pnuma Trio, Psylab and more…. They might be twisting your mind in the near future.