FiKus is a synthesis of analog and digital sounds that combines progressive melodies with infectious grooves, electronic beats, and edgy vocals to form their own signature style of music…something they refer to as ‘Electro Funk-Rock’.

It is the fusion of each of the members’ influences along with the collaborative song-writing process that creates such an interesting sound, but it is the sheer passion and enjoyment from the music itself that creates the unforgettable experience of the live show. Within the past three years, FiKus has used the momentum of the live performances to turn themselves into one of the most exciting up and coming bands on the scene, taking their show all along the east coast and growing exponentially.

With two self released EP’s under their belt (Mover Shaker, Plus+), FiKus is currently planning another studio project, to be released in 2013.

Make sure to keep your ear to the ground and watch out for FiKus as they continue to make moves!