BBP is a live electronic dance music duo specializing in intense bass heavy songs that span the genres of EDM, blending live instruments with samples and original productions in a way that allows for real improvisation and unrehearsed moments of creativity and spontaneity.


Having established a solid presence throughout the Northeast US, BBP is starting to make a name throughout the world with an innovative and interesting style of live bass music. Their new album “Robot Alien Variety Hour” dropping May 15, alongside a remix EP later this spring (featuring bootlegs of Busta Rhymes, KRS One, Notorious BIG, Talking Heads, Phish, and more) will finally allow everyone to hear what audiences in the Northeast have been consistently getting down to for the past year. Summer 2012 catch BBP debuting new material at festivals including Uphoria, Camp Coldbrook, 51basscamp, Heads in Harmony, and more!