unnamed-200x300Melia Marzollo

Melia is owner of SkyBaby Studio and Cold Spring Pilates in Cold Spring, New York. She holds certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, StandUp Paddleboard and Holistic Nutrition. She is constantly inspired by the thread of connection between the aforementioned modalities and so many more, as she continues to explore these ever-evolving studies. Melia is also one of the creators of MAYfest, a vision to stitch together amazing teachers, musicians and artists from near and far in the Valley she loves so dearly. Look for her on the water!


olgu-300x300Olgu Merandy

Just as her homeland of Turkey has acted as a bridge between the people and lands of Europe and Asia for millennia, Olgu Merandy’s teaching forges connections between a multitude of movement modalities and philosophical teachings to create a practice that holistically engages the mind, body, and spirit.  Her classes are spaces for exploration and play, openings for self-discovery and transformation that encourage practitioners to find their inner strength and the boundless joy of being!

Olgu is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) through Yoga Works and is a certified personal trainer (NASM CPT), a p90x instructor, and has additional certifications in Pilates reformer, mat, and apparatus. She received her Master’s in Exercise Science at Brooklyn College. This year she is looking forward to the launch of her new clothing line ÜSTTE, which will offer practical layering for an active life-style.

Follow Olgu on Twitter @olgumerandy and read more at Philosophyofflow.com.

unnamedPhoebe Miller

Phoebe Miller, founder of nOMad. Phoebe has always been a nOMad in a sense that she is an “individual that roams about: a wanderer.” Her family moved around throughout her childhood, which taught her the freedom to not have to rely on firm roots in a place, but rather in people and her heart. As an adult, Phoebe found a home for 11 years in New York City but even then was a wanderer; searching for the deeper meaning of what she wanted out of life by exploring different careers in teaching. Phoebe has been fortunate enough to travel the world as an explorer, dancer, and yogini. Her latest traveling escapade landed her living in Costa Rica for eight months where she was inspired to create nOMad.

What is nOMad? Our mission at nOMad is to build an online global community for yogis, travelers and other life wanderers who are looking for new experiences on and off the mat. We offer yoga/wellness/cultural retreats, online classes, community events, and travel blogs of our latest adventures and other special found treasures. Our nOMad tribe is made up of experienced teachers, travelers, students of life, and wellness practitioners that are on the same mission in different forms. Come join our tribe www.nOMadalwaysatOM.com